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Brad johnston, Minneapolis, MN

Living In A World Of Purpose


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Partner. Plan. Prosper. Philosophy

Brad Johnston has dedicated the major portion of his career to helping individuals and families fulfill their true purpose in life.  For more than two decades, his family business, The Johnston Group, has helped clients develop a comprehensive wealthcare financial strategy for achieving their important goals and priorities.  In addition to his role as president of the firm, Brad is an accomplished author (More Than Money) and has been featured on numerous publications and networks as a subject matter expert in financial services.  More recently, Brad has developed a financial coaching platform for business organizations and started the Family Business Success podcast that explores the world of family businesses.  


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Experienced, Inspired, Motivated & Passionate

Brad’s personal life story served as the inspiration for creating The Johnston Group and its unique framework for financial decision-making, Wealthcare360™.  Over the years, the firm’s commitment to exceptional client service has helped thousands of individuals and families achieve financial security and abundance.  Today, Brad shares his process across multiple channels and platforms. 

Financial + Investment Expert

Financial + Investment Expert

Brad is president of The Johnston Group and his 40+ years of experience in investment management shapes his unique and passionate perspective into the financial markets and other related topics.   

Author of More Than Money


Brad’s book, More Than Money, shares his own personal story and how he was inspired to create The Johnston Group more than two decades ago.  It outlines the firm’s unique approach to financial planning and how to create a personal strategy for accomplishing your life’s most important goals.

Speaker - Coach

Speaker + Coach

Fueled by courage, commitment, capability and confidence, Brad has traveled the country speaking to corporate employees, family business networks and other organizations to share the message of Wealthcare360™ and how to live a purposeful life. 

Family Business Success Podcast

host - Family Business Success Podcast

Leveraging his own personal experience running a family business, Brad sits down with other family business leaders to share their stories, discuss best practices and provide broad perspective on successful family business operations.  

As a father, husband, and business owner I was unaware how desperately in need I was of Wealthcare! I’m a creative guy, and the endless stream of financial planning books simply didn’t take into account who I was, or what my family’s personal goals were. Johnston’s More Than Money strategies eliminate clutter and allowed me to make smart decisions that were germane to my needs. As a business advisor and financial strategist Johnston is simply the best.
— Andrew Zimmern, Chef, Food Writer & TV Personality