Author of More Than Money:

Wealthcare for Your Life and Loved Ones


More Than Money isn’t your typical book about financial planning.  Instead, Brad shares his personal life story and how it served as the foundation for pursuing his life’s work through The Johnston Group.  With a track record of helping thousands of clients attain financial security and abundance, Brad shows how to close the gap between where you are now and exactly where you want to be — in an easy-to-read guide that has instant appeal for the smart and savvy. 


What people are saying about the book:

If you’ve ever found finical planning intimidating, then you want this book. More Than Money simplifies the process, so you can make smart decisions for your own situation.
— Martha Rossini Olson, Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

As a father, husband, and business owner I was unaware how desperately in need I was of Wealthcare! I’m a creative guy, and the endless stream of financial planning books simply didn’t take into account who I was, or what my family’s personal goals were. Johnston’s More Than Money strategies eliminate clutter and allowed me to make smart decisions that were germane to my needs. As a business advisor and financial strategist Johnston is simply the best.