Episode 4: Warners' Stellian Interview

If you have recently bought an appliance in Minnesota, it's a good chance that it came from Warners' Stellian. Listen to my conversation with 2nd generation leaders Bob and Carla Warner, where we discuss their family history and their business growth. 

Left to right:  Bill Warner, Jeff Warner, Carla Warner, Bob Warner

Left to right: Bill Warner, Jeff Warner, Carla Warner, Bob Warner

About Warners’ Stellian from our family to yours for 60 years

Warners’ Stellian is Minnesota’s retail appliance specialist. Family owned and operated for 60 years, we provide an unmatched shopping experience with exceptional service at nine great store locations.

In 1954, Jim Warner took a bookkeeping job at Stellian’s appliance store on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota, owned by Steve and Lillian Farkas (Stellian is the combination of their first names).

After many years as a valued employee, Jim bought the business in 1971 and added his name to theirs, also making it plural to include his wife and children. He established a solid foundation for success by offering the best products available and making sure every customer received exceptional service from sale to delivery.

Those values were passed on to his nine children who now own the company. Four members of the Warner family actively operate the company. Fourteen third-generation Warner family members also work full-time for the company in sales, operations and marketing.

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