Speaker & Coach 

Brad’s life story and engaging personality create a powerful and impactful speaking experience.  Brad speaks to business leaders, larger corporate organizations and family business networks on how to be fearless and live in a world of purpose.  In addition to his speaking engagements, Brad created a financial coaching platform for business organizations that focuses on employee education and how personal financial planning can lead to increased productivity in the workplace.  


Coach: Financial Wellness for Companies

The Johnston Group’s Wealthcare360 – Coaching platform is a financial wellness program designed for the executives and valued team members that drive results for their organizations. Participants receive guidance in how they can manage the value of their compensation and benefits, as well as receive one-on-one support for incorporating those benefits into a larger financial plan.  The purpose of the Wealthcare360 – Coaching program is to provide leadership and education to a companies leadership in a broad range of financial areas, and to facilitate participants’ financial wellness through disciplined pursuit of short- and long-term goals.

Business organizations that make a commitment to their employees’ personal financial well-being will have a more productive team that’s more engaged in the workplace driving better results for the company.
— Brad Johnston


Brad Johnston seeks to connect the mind and the heart of this who hear him. The most important value transferred is for you to live the one life you have the best way that you can. Incumbent upon each of us, is to make a decision about what we value highly, Brad emphasizes and speaks to a process for avoiding the drift from what is your intention.